Our Team

Katie Garrott

Lead Functional Medicine Nutritionist, MS, CNS®
Katie started VivaWise® in 2019 after years in health coaching and working at an integrative clinic. She specializes in chronic fatigue, stress-related conditions such as chronic pain and emotional eating, and complex cases such as those who have already seen other functional medicine providers.

Lauren Walker

Functional Nutritionist, MS, CNS®, FDN-P

Due to her own experiences and the successes she’s had with clients, Lauren particularly enjoys evaluating and creating plans for those with issues with blood sugar, cholesterol, digestion, PCOS, allergies, fatigue, inflammation, and prenatal nutrition. She sees all clients virtually. 

Teesa Felt

Functional Nutritionist, FNLP

Teesa has had extensive training in and specializes in those with autoimmune disorders and histamine intolerance, which often are associated with mold and Lyme. She enjoys helping those with a lot of symptoms but no known explanation get to the root causes. She sees all clients virtually.

Melinda Moyer

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, FMCHC

Melinda’s passion and expertise is in helping people overcome mental and emotional obstacles that keep them stuck in unhealthy habits. Due to her own experiences, she also enjoys helping those who have a lot of symptoms calm their nervous system. She sees clients virtually and in-person.

Megan Heitman

Functional Nutritionist, CFNC

Megan has a special interest in gut health after she healed from over a decade of gut issues. She also has done a lot of work around fitness, and enjoys helping women with hormonal issues, fatigue, and weight loss. She sees clients virtually and in-person.

Catherine Crimmins

Client Care Coordinator, MS in Functional Nutrition Student

Catherine knows what it’s like to struggle with symptoms, and desires to be a helping hand for anyone seeking better health care for their issues. She does this by answering phones, emails, chats, and helping the staff on the backend. She also applies her creative skills to the practice’s social media. In the near future, she will also have her MS in Nutrition and Functional Medicine.


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