Megan Heitman

Functional Nutritionist, CFNC

About Megan

When I discovered Functional Medicine, my life changed dramatically. I spent over a decade suffering from major gut symptoms that I never realized could be resolved through diet and lifestyle changes. The countless doctors I went to see wanted to put me on anxiety medication and supplement with Metamucil daily. But I refused to settle for their recommendations because they didn’t make sense to me. I did my research and through the grace of God, I discovered Functional Medicine.

I spent my days healing with stress management, cleaning up my nutrition, herbal remedies, and prioritizing sleep. This helped me become a whole new person. My energy levels soared, I began eating intuitively, and my progress in the gym became more noticeable. I owe all the success of my health journey to a holistic approach.

I spent 15+ years working in traditional healthcare and soon realized I wanted to help people in a whole new way. So I went back to school and became a Certified Functional Nutritionist, studying under the acclaimed nutritionist Andrea Nakayama. It is now my mission to help others get to the root cause of their conditions and empower them to take control of their health. The body is amazing, and when you take time to heal and give it what it needs, it will give back to you your greatest potential.


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