Katie Garrott

Founder and CEO, MS, CNS®

My Journey

I am a functional medicine specialist and clinical nutritionist with a passion for restoring balance to the human body. Since my teens when my mother came down with a life-altering inflammatory condition, I have dedicated my life to seeking out the root causes behind why our health declines and what to do about it.

I too developed chronic inflammatory conditions (thanks mom for the genes! haha) in my early 20’s, including Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease. Doctors told me it’s an easy fix with thyroid medication. Of course, thyroid medication does not re-train your immune system to stop attacking self-tissue, so it does not solve many of the symptoms.

After 3 years I finally had normal thyroid labs but still did not feel well. I asked my doctor for help. She told me plainly: “I treat disease, which is what I did. You’ll have to find someone else to make you well.” That’s when I went back to graduate school, to become that person others could go to so that they can feel well again!

At the same time, I had been a health coach and personal trainer for several years. I had realized there was more to health than calories in, calories out. On top of my mom’s history and my own conditions, I left the gym and joined the clinic. I committed myself to becoming an expert on the human body and its complicated interrelated systems. 

While I had been following functional medicine since 2004, I formalized my training through my master’s degree and the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice conference. Since then I completed a year under the mentorship of a renowned functional medicine doctor in Fort Worth, Texas and then opened my own practice with the help of my husband Phillip. I’ve discovered that God’s purpose for my life is helping others thrive, and I’m so blessed to get to do it every day!


I’ve visited 17 countries on a shoestring budget, lived in China with my husband for a year, and lived in the Midwest, Southeast, Rocky Mountains, and Southwest. I’ve also been hospitalized in 3 countries!


You’ll find me singing and dancing my way through downtown, gatherings with friends, or my house while doing chores. I also like Christian rap (both listening and rapping) and music with some good bass.


I’ve had my share of childhood adversity and have overcome or naturally managed 20 different lab-confirmed or doctor-diagnosed conditions. Now I get to fight for my patients!

From My Clients

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Want to learn more but have little time?

Bite-sized, 10 minute episodes for the busy person who wants to use easy, research-proven methods to improve health. I have a functional medicine approach that helps you understand how your body works so you can address the root causes behind the symptoms preventing you from feeling your best!

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