Common Questions

  1. Do I need to have labs before seeing you?

    Lab results are not required at your initial consultation, though they can be helpful to upload to your portal if you have them already. We can determine after your evaluation which labs are most appropriate based on your situation.

  2. Can you order labs?

    We can send you instructions for completing just about any labs you would have done with a doctor, and a lot more. We recommend both conventional blood work, as well as functional urine, stool, and saliva testing. While these don't go through insurance, self-pay rates often cost less and you can typically pay with a HSA card.

  3. Do you take insurance?

    Due to costs and limitations that come with accepting insurance, we do not file with insurance. We can, however, provide you with a receipt to submit for possible reimbursement or to go toward your deductible if you meet the requirements of your plan.

  4. Will I have to give up my favorite foods?

    You never "have to" do anything we suggest! If there's advice that you struggle to implement, we will: 1. Address your mindset to increase your natural desire to change, and 2. Find healthy substitutes to ensure you enjoy and continue looking forward to your food.

  5. Do you work with my __ health condition?

    Functional medicine equips practitioners to find dysfunction in the body and help bring the body back to balance. This process improves health regardless of your diagnosis, though if you do have a condition we're not familiar with, we will research anything specific we can add to your plan to further customize it. 

  6. Do you work with children or men?

    Yes, there are no groups that are excluded. While most of our clients are middle-aged women, we do see all ages and genders. 

  7. Are there required supplements?

    All parts of the treatment plan are customized to not only your health, but also your preferences and finances. There are no required labs, supplements, or number of visits. Any recommendations will be clearly explained as to why they are being given so you can make the most informed decisions for your well-being. We value the least amount of intervention for the greatest impact on results. 

  8. Can you function as my doctor?

    As functional medicine specialists and nutritionists, we create wellness. We do not treat disease. Therefore, you should still have an established relationship with a PCP (primary care physician). We cannot give prescriptions, nor instructions on taking medications. If any labs come back significantly outside the normal range, you'll be asked to follow-up with your doctor. 

  9. In what states can you provide services?

    Some states have laws requiring the provider to have graduated from a dietician program, which is highly influenced by the processed food and meat/dairy industries and approved by the government (provides highly politicized dietary advice rather than strictly evidence-based). These states only allow dieticians, and not nutritionists, to provide nutrition advice: Montana, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. States we can't see clients because they require to be licensed in that state: Illinois, Florida, Delaware, Maryland. If you or someone you refer is not in one of these states, then they can be seen at our practice!

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